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Dolphin Moves

 I have recorded a process called Dolphin Moves.  The woman who channeled this process, Amorah Quan Yin, gracefully gave me permission in Melbourne 18 years ago (!!) to facilitate groups and offer the Pleiadian work to others to support their evolution and healing. 


She was a very generous and gifted woman, teacher and healer and I was very blessed to have met her, received healings from her, and had the opportunity to study Full Sensory Perception through her Sacred Mystery School.  It changed me and my life profoundly.

Below is an extract from the 'Pleiadian Workbook, Awakening Your Divine Ka by Amorah Quan Yin.'

Dolphin moves is an aspect of Dolphin Brain repatterning and is guided floor movement work. Dolphin Moves are intended to teach your body how to unlearn old restrictive patterns by moving in specific ways while monitoring yourself carefully in order to be aware of the subtleties of your movements. When you are aware of what you are doing and can feel the results in your body at the same time, you are freed to learn new ways of moving and being that are more commensurate with who you are now and who you are becoming.   In other words, you give your body new choices.  Interestingly enough, when your brain learns a new way of doing something that requires less energy than a previous way of doing it, it drops the old way and accepts the new, more energy-efficient option.  It takes much more energy to hold a part of your body in contraction than it does to let it be free, joyful and spontaneous, as in the Dolphin Wave Effect.  When your brain experiences an alternative, it adopts that modus operandi and tells your body how to operate in the new way.

It is ideal to lie down on a carpeted floor to do Dolphin Moves, with your eyes closed the entire time .  Plan on doing Dolphin Moves when you have 2 hours of free time.  This allows up to an hour for the movement work and another hour afterward to relax without doing detail work, reading, exercise or watching television.  It is important not to stretch for one hour after the floor movements.

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Dolphin Moves - EYE #3Deborah Miller
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