Health consultations

Health consultations

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At this time I am not taking on any new Naturopathic clients.  I am still available to do Oligoscan testing for clients of other practitioners.

As a qualified naturopath and herbalist I love educating and helping people to create lasting healthy changes in their life through incorporating plant based foods, herbs, life style changes, flower essences and using some high quality nutritional supplements as necessary.


At the initial appointment I take a very detailed case based on careful questioning and observation, I use a bio-resonance machine called Vektor. My aim is to discover the cause of your health concerns and through using naturopathic medicines and a healthy nutritious diet, your body is supported to come into balance and harmony. 

The initial consultation is 90 minutes and includes:


Reviewing your questionnaires and asking more questions so I can receive        as much information as possible

Doing some simple in clinic testing e.g blood pressure

Vector bio-resonance scan 

Gathering all this information is key at your first appointment to allow me to            understand what is happening in your body and formulating a  treatment                plan for you and to give you a report of findings at your second appointment                                            

Formulation of herbal medicines, nutritional supplementation and/or                      teas/flower essences if required


Please bring any medications and supplements you are currently taking

Cost - $125.00

Before your second appointment I will be researching your case, for example; interpreting your blood tests and bio-resonance scan, analysing your diet, researching any prescription medications you may be taking, identifying the drivers of your health concerns and illnesses and developing a report of findings and a treatment plan for you.


Second consultation is 60 minutes and includes:

  • Discussing  the findings of my research into your health concerns 

  • Presenting you with a report of these findings and a health restoration plan

  • Discuss what you feel is achievable with my recommendations

  • Prescribe, dispense and/or formulate any herbal medicines and nutritional          supplements

  • Discuss the need for any further referrals or testing

Cost - $125.00

Follow up and maintenance consultations

Follow up appointments are between 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the person and condition. Conditions that are quite complicated and have been present for a long time generally require longer treatment, support and assistance to bring about full resolution of health and wellness.


Initial  consultation -> $125.00

Follow up  from initial consultation -> $125.00

30 minute consultation -> $75.00

45 minute consultation -> $85.00

Heavy metal and mineral testing

For heavy metal and mineral deficiency testing I use Oligoscan which I find invaluable in giving greater insight into what maybe creating imbalance in the body 

Heavy metal and mineral testing is done in the clinic with State of the Art Oligoscan.  It analyses:

  •  20 essential minerals and trace elements in the body, detecting deficiencies.

  •  and measures the presence of 14 toxic heavy metals in the body.

Oligoscan is a highly sophisticated TGA approved medical device.  Oligoscan uses spectrophotometry technology to measure mineral deficiencies, accumulation of heavy metals and anti-oxidant levels intra-cellularly within the  body. 

Cost - $120.00 for clients

        $130.00 as a stand alone test which includes an emailed copy of the results. 


For discussion, interpretation of the results and recommendations the additional cost for non clients is $50.00

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