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A spiritual  journey of transformation and liberation through awakening to the Divine Presence within.

Align To The Divine Within..



A 7 week spiritual and energetic course that can assist you to change your life in a positive and meaningful way.

It is a course that brings healing, self knowledge, self development, spiritual understandings and awareness, re-connection and alignment to one's Higher Self and Divine Presence that assist's in clearing mental, emotional and spiritual blockages from the sub-conscious and unconscious.  When this occurs you are then able to receive more love and light energies into your consciousness and awareness that then increases your intuition, your direct connection to your Source, Spirit and Higher Self.  Your guidance becomes clearer, you are more at peace, life flows more easily, positive synchronicity's occur.   


You have a deeper understanding as to why life situations/relationships/experiences are occurring and you are given tools to assist you to change, manage or heal what is not flowing in your life.

Your own Divine Presence and Higher Self, The Eternal Light Realms, Ascended Master Realms, The Sirian & Pleiadian Archangelic light beings and more will be assisting you to have the highest and most positive outcomes for your life.

Crown chakra image 3.jpg
Crown chakra image 3.jpg
Crown chakra image 3.jpg


This course is for those people who..


❤ Would like to be more Spiritually connected

❤ Desire a more conscious connection to their Divine spark within

❤ Would like to develop their Spiritual gifts further

❤ Would like to experience a more meaningful life

❤ Would like to be on a Spiritual path and don't know where to begin

❤ Are on a Spiritual path but would like further development

❤ Would like to open their heart more deeply

❤ Would like to be of service to others, the planet,animals etc

❤ Desire to be connected to their Family of Light and higher light teams

❤ Would like to feel more self respect, self worth, self love

❤ Would like to let go of the past and to have more direction 

and purpose in life

❤ Want to be more self directed and self empowered

❤ That are stuck in their lives

❤ Feel unhappy and cant see a way out


❤ Repeat the same patterns and attract relationships,work,experiences that are not in their highest good

❤ Feel they are victims in life

❤ Nothing seems to go right

❤ Want to trust their own intuition

Week 1

  • Everything in this course is about energy, how we use it, how it affects us, how our use of it affects others, and how we can transform ourselves through understanding how to harness it and use it in positive ways.

  • Overview of the chakra's and energy bodies, what are they and how do they affect your life.

  • Learn how to contain your energy and what happens when you don't and your energy leaks.  Understand why your energy leaks.

  • What is your auric field.  What unwanted energies can invade your auric field and space causing difficulties for you.  Learn how to strengthen and heal it.

  • Meditation - reclaiming energy, healing and sealing your auric field of holes, tears, rips and frayed areas.

Week 2

  • The universal Law of Reflection - what does this mean and how does it serve us

  • Understand what is occurring in your sub/unconscious that is creating difficulties or learning in your life and how you can begin to heal  and change your life in positive ways

  • The Power of our Word is powerful, how we command our thoughts and words can  direct our life in powerful ways, learn how to use the Power your word to create positive changes in your life

  • Creating sacred space - how to do this and why would we do it

  • Learn how to Connect your pillar of light to the Earth Core and Suns, why is this important and how does it help us

  • Cleansing and Clearing meditation through the chakra's and energy bodies to assist in clearing negative thought forms and emotions, raising the frequency of your energy to elevate you out of negative states of being

Week 3

  • A discussion on how our negative  thoughts can create us to feel extreme feelings such as anxiety, anger,  deep sadness, etc  we learn how we can simply shift our energy in the moment so we do not get stuck in our own stories that bring us down and can have us stuck for hours on end thinking about 'he did this, she did that, if only it was different, I am resentful because of such and such etc etc'

  • Opening to the Unified Field of Oneness.  We learn about the Unified Field and how that can deepen our spiritual connection to all beings

  •  Anchoring our Antakarana for a powerful spiritual connection to our Higher Self and Divine Presence.   What is our Antakarana and what is the difference between our Higher Self and Divine Presence

  • A meditation where our Higher Self merges with us

Week 4

  • We learn what contracts are and we go through a process of releasing contracts that bind us to others, situations, circumstances, family, work, relationships, consciously or unconsciously that make it difficult for us to be fully free to move forward with our lives


  • Understanding psychic cords, what are they, how do they affect you.  Harmful cords  are removed from your heart chakra


  • What is the 3 fold flame within the heart and how can it  change your life

  • We go through a healing process where we make amends to another person, animal, environment etc where we may have hurt another knowingly or unknowingly.  This process is to balance and heal ourselves and any being we have hurt or harmed so we can make amends, this can aid in transforming any karma or  difficulty you have with another and complete the patterns you have with this one in an unconditionally loving way


  • We go on a Heart and high heart chakra healing journey

Week 5

  • We learn how to clear beliefs, thought-forms, judgements, and pictures

  • We learn a bit more about the Hara and Solar plexus chakras

  • The Hara and Solar plexus chakras can hold  a lot of old emotional energy that can have a strong effect on physical health as well as mental and emotional health. 

  • You are taken on a Hara and solar plexus healing journey The hara needs to be clear to allow the Higher Self to fully ground through to the heart of light Earth. 

  • There is repatterning, removal of cords and contracts and old energies that occur in the healing journey


Week 6

  • We discuss the ego and how it can cause us to feel separate, we learn how to unify our ego and Self

  • The Eye centre can become very blocked and affect our brain in a negative way if we emanate judgement, negative thought-forms, criticism

  • You will go through a healing journey of clearing the eye centre that will help you to see more clearly and the truth of what is occurring in your life

  • We also discuss the throat chakra and go on a healing journey of the throat chakra, this will assist you to speak more clearly, honestly and powerfully.

Week 7

  • How does addiction affect our energy field and chakras

  • How does what we eat, drink put on our body affect our energy field and chakras

  • There will be a crown chakra healing journey and brain repatterning and balancing

  • We discuss the sacral chakra in more depth 

  • There is a repatterning of the sacral chakra 

  • Lifting of ancestral memories 

  • Removal of cords, contracts negative memories that are held here

  • A healing journey through the sacral chakra



if you would like to receive details of when the next course will begin please email:

“ Deb thank you so much for your wisdom and gentle teachings.  I have learned so many new things in doing this course and at times felt I was a little out of my depth - so much to learn! 


It's been a wonderful journey but feel that this journey has only just begun for me.  I felt drawn to this work and am wanting to learn and practise more. 


I have felt a shift occurring in my consciousness.  The meditations have been so wonderful, I feel I am opening my heart again (it's been shut down for a long time!). 


The meditations will be a regular practise for me because I feel amazing during and after them.  I highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their life. xxx”​


—  Robyn, Canberra

—  Name, Title

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