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Healing Sessions

In a healing session I connect to your Higher Self and Divine Presence, your Spiritual team/guides, Celestial beings and my own inner guidance that allows me to intuitively clear blockages within the chakra system, meridians, energy bodies and multi-dimensional bodies.

Some memories, belief systems, behaviour patterns and pain that I connect with can be deeply repressed in your subconscious or unconscious affecting your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. The placement of hands on your body usually occurs to transfer healing energy as well as assisting in clearing blockages in your energy field.  During the session there is a conscious interaction between us when the release of contracts, cords, programming, belief systems and other issues that require your agreement and participation in come up to be released.

Our aim is to help you understand why the circumstances in your life are occurring, and that they are due to what is held within you in the form of unresolved energy.  When the healing of this unresolved energy within you begins to release then your life will begin to change in positive ways.


We provide a pure, safe and nurturing environment where you can feel comfortable in discussing any issues you have, knowing that you are fully supported and guided in bringing about change, balance and harmony to your life.  

If you feel that you are guided to receive a healing session but you are unclear about what it is you need, then I connect to your Divine spark/presence and ask what is in your highest good that you need to receive at this time.

My niche area is the inner child and profound realisations and life changes can occur when the inner child begins to heal.

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