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Inner Child Healing

Inner child healing

Re-connecting to the child within can be an extremely powerful and life changing process.  All of us have a wounded child or children within us that we may be completely unaware of.  These children can be the driving force in our lives that can create us to live our lives in a reactive state, which may result in us attracting situations, relationships and life experiences that can cause us great torment and suffering.


It is the inner children/teenagers reacting to our life situations because of our unhealed emotional and mental pain, old belief systems and programming. Even if we don't remember our childhood or think we had a good childhood, many of our emotional reactions and feelings like rage, helplessness, fear, self-sabotage, superiority,guilt, self hate, low self esteem, feeling unloved, grief and shame are due to the unhealed parts of us held within our cellular memory, subconscious and/or unconscious from those times, and still express through us in negative ways.  

In a session we gently guide you to re-connect to your inner child, and begin the process of releasing the memories of the past allowing you to feel greater inner peace, self-respect, confidence and happiness.  This is an on-going journey and there are tools given that you can work with at home that are important to implement to achieve the most powerful outcomes for yourself. 

90 minutes - $144.00

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