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Relationship, Family and  Ancestral healing

Relationship, Family & Ancestral healing

In a family session, your concerns around any discord and difficulties you are having with family members are addressed.  Past life interference, memories, belief systems, negative emotional and mental patterning, fears and programming that are held within your DNA through your Mother and Father line that affect how you behave in your family, or how family members act toward you, are now brought to conscious awareness to be released. Any karmic issues that create dis-harmony may be brought up to the surface to be liberated.  


Relationships with romantic partners that are unhappy can be assisted by bringing awareness to core fears/issues within one's self, and any karmic connection between the couple.  When the blockages are released this gives you greater clarity in being able to see the 'truth' of what is occurring in your relationship, helping you to feel more empowered and confident in making the right decisions for yourself and your relationship.  If both people want to make their relationship work it can be helpful to see each person individually to listen to what the issues are from each person's perspective.  


If there are difficulties in letting go of old relationships and moving forward easily and confidently this can be helped by releasing old contracts, cords, belief systems and programming that keep you stuck in cycles of thinking or behaviour that are not in your highest good.

90 minutes - $144.00

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