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My interest and deep desire to learn about Spirit and follow a Spiritual path began in 1989. After participating in meditation groups and reading many books, I began training with The Pleiadian Mystery School that was run by Amorah Quan Yin in Mt Shasta, California.  When that training finished, I studied in a year long programme with the GAIA Sacred Mystery School which was based in Australia, and was created by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix.  Later, I was a Mumara to students studying in the GAIA Divine Mother Sacred Mystery School. Currently I am part of the Warriors of Peace team.

The teachings, mentoring, activation's, healing and knowledge I have received throughout many, many years and going deeply within myself as part of these training's and initiations  have been immensely profound for my own multi-dimensional healing, well-being and evolution.  This has enabled me to be a much more open hearted, knowledgeable and clearer channel so I am able to assist others on their journey.

My niche area is helping people to be aware of their inner child and inner child pain that they still carry as an adult.  I have found that it can create so many limitations and difficulties in adult life, (and through my own experiences).  It can lead to aspects of our soul fragmenting and leaving us, known as - soul loss.  Part of our soul leaves our body and then influences our behaviour, and emotions through our unconscious and subconscious.  Some of the work I do is soul retrieval, bringing home the child/soul aspects that split off from our consciousness because of fear, trauma, abuse, and many different difficulties that cause children to leave their bodies so they are able to survive their situations.  Soul loss can occur at all ages, not just in children, and I also assist in bringing back to the soul matrix, soul aspects that may have split off at any age.

When childhood difficulties and pain are resolved, self esteem improves, dissolution of self sabotaging behaviour occurs, fear of abandonment, self hatred, shame, not being able to hold boundaries, self judgment, all begins to shift as you open to receiving and giving love, you have self acceptance, you truly begin to like yourself, you don't need to seek approval from others, you become more adept at communicating effectively, and mastering conflict resolution, your life flows more easily and synchronicities become common place, plus so much more.    

Other aspects of my work is with relationships, assisting people to move forward when they are no longer in a relationship.  We assist by removing contracts, psychic cords, vows, belief systems that make it difficult to move on from relationships or keep people stuck in relationships that are not healthy.  We can help with family healing and energy support.  There have been a few families who I have worked with where the adult children who were estranged from their parents actually reconciled after years of separation.  This of course, won''t necessarily happen with every family as the parents/grandparents/carers, also need to be aware and heal their personality/ego aspects that may have contributed to an estrangement.  There may be a karmic component to consider and work with as well.

Many of us have ancestral lineages that have unresolved pain, wounds and trauma that has been passed down to us. Epigenetics show that it may be possible to inherit wounds from our ancestors.   When we work with Spirit and the ancestral lineage it can be very healing to the person receiving the healing as well as the ancestral lineage, going 7 generations back. 

We offer at times spiritual & energy healing workshops, if you would like to know when they will be offered, please sign up to the newsletter.

With my herbal and naturopathic background I currently work with perimenopausal and postmenopausal women.  If you are interested in learning more, please go to

If you have any queries or questions please email me:

In love and peace,

Hello and welcome, I'm Deborah Miller, a Spiritual healing facilitator, Naturopath, Herbalist and a passionate student of life, where I love to learn how to evolve all aspects of myself and my life, and to be able to help my family, friends and clients through my own experiences, learning and evolution. 

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