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My interest and deep desire to learn about Spirit and follow a Spiritual path began in 1989. After participating in meditation groups and reading many books, I began training with The Pleiadian Mystery School that was run by Amorah Quan Yin in Mt Shasta, California.  When that training finished I studied in a year long programme with the GAIA Sacred Mystery School which is based in Australia and was created by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix.  Later, I was an assistant to students studying in the GAIA Divine Mother Sacred Mystery School. Currently I am training as a mentor within the Divine University and I am part of the Warriors of Peace team.

The teachings, mentoring, activation's, healing and knowledge I have received throughout many, many years and going deeply within myself as part of these training's and initiations  have been immensely profound for my own multi-dimensional healing, well-being and evolution.  This has enabled me to be a much more open hearted, knowledgeable and clearer channel so I am able to assist others on their journey.

My passion for learning about herbal medicine, natural therapies and health  began in the mid 1980’s. Initially, I studied at Dorothy Hall’s College Of Herbal Medicine and then the A.C.T College of Natural Therapies. I also gained diplomas in Aromatherapy and Remedial and Swedish massage from The NSW College of Essential Therapies.

I upgraded my knowledge in recent years studying Naturopathy at CIT in Canberra and graduated in 2014.  I am currently enrolled in a course called Herbal Medicine For Women  that is taught by Dr Aviva Romm.  I'm particularly interested in women's and children's health and will post topics and information that will hopefully be of assistance to you. Please let me know of any area that you would like to know more about and I will write about it, if possible.

As a registered naturopath and herbalist, health fund rebates are available depending on your level of cover.

If you have any queries or questions please email me:  deb@sourceessence.com.au

In love and peace,

Hello and welcome, I'm Deborah Miller, a Spiritual healing facilitator, Naturopath, Herbalist and a passionate student of life, where I love to learn how to evolve all aspects of myself and my life, and to be able to help my family, friends and clients through my own experiences, learning and evolution. 

May all who visit here receive the unconditional love and light energies that are infused within the pages of this website.

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