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What to expect during a healing session

What to expect before  a session

Every person/soul is held within the arms of  Eternal Healing Love and Light.

We initially talk about why you came to see me.

The actual healing process occurs on a massage table.

​There is a biomat on the table that provides additional healing support due to the amethyst crystals embedded in it, the far-infra-red ray heat and ionic rays it emits.

We connect to your Higher Self and Spirit to receive what is in your highest good to clear.

​You are guided through any processes that require your participation in e.g cancelling cords, belief  systems and contracts.

​There is often placement of hands on the body to allow specific healing energies to pass through to where you need it most.

Some people fall asleep or go into a deep meditative space, this allows for deep sub-conscious healing to take place.

​Tibetan singing bowls are generally part of the process and can be used at different times throughout the session and at the end to complete the session.

You may experience an emotional release through laughter, giggles or tears, (or none of this), this is very common and integral to allow the deeper healing to take place.



Many people say they feel 'lighter', more 'carefree', and 'less burdened'.

It is important to have time to yourself after a session if possible, to rest and process the healing.

The integration can occur over days or even weeks.  You may find you have realisations and insights about  yourself and others that you were not aware of before.  

Some people may feel a little emotional as current issues or memories from the past come up to be released. This occurs because the healing session brings to conscious awareness what does not serve you  or your future anymore.  It maybe somewhat uncomfortable but it allows you to shed old trauma, fears, stress, thought processes, patterns of behaviour and relationships that are not in your highest good and do not support all you can be in the world and the reason you birthed onto the planet.

Many people I have seen who have had low self esteem and respect for themselves, who couldn't maintain strong  boundaries with others, who found it hard to say no, put other people before themselves, were in unfulfilled  and unhappy relationships and/or jobs, have gone from strength to strength by seeing their own innate value!

Through doing the inner work they now like, respect and love themselves enough that they have left jobs, situations, relationships that were unhappy, or with a willing partner, family have created healing in those  relationships.  They now have a voice where they feel comfortable speaking their truth and saying no.  Life  can change profoundly and irrevocably when we choose to do the inner work.  These are some of the  outcomes that maybe achieved if you choose to be supported to go within and connect to the known and  'unseen/unknown' wounds in the subconscious/unconscious to be brought to conscious awareness to be  loved free.



What to expect after  a session

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