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Chakra healing and alignment

Chakra clearing & alignment


Energy centre/chakra clearing and alignment

The chakra system has 7 main energy centre's within the human body, starting from the base of the spine to the top of the head, although there are many more, the 7 main ones are what we work with in a session. Other energy centre's are worked on at times, as required.

The 7 main chakra's represent different areas of our lives and our consciousness here on Earth.  They are made up of 7 different colour's that forms a rainbow bridge between the earth and the heavens.

We can hold memories that begin from being in-utero, experiences we have through our childhood and adulthood through to this present moment in time.  We can hold the unresolved experiences of our parents and our genetic lineage in our chakra's as well as past life memories. 


These memories can create energetic blockages within our chakra's that may cause us many difficulties in our life.

With chakra clearing, there may be one or more chakra's that are focused on in a session that need assistance to remove old energies that may show up as limiting belief systems, behaviour & fears such as:

Self hate, anger, rage, low self esteem, fractured relationships, anxiety, spaced out, out of body, guilt, shame, poor boundaries, obsessive compulsive behaviours, fear of speaking the truth, jealousy, loneliness, aggressive & passive behaviour, bitter, ruminating thoughts, vengeful feelings, controlling behaviours, victim experiences, and so much more.

Chakra healing allows the deep fears, mental and emotional blockages to be lifted by accessing the root causes of these feelings and blockages.  When they are removed from your body,consciousness and psyche, it allows more universal love and light to take up residence within the chakra's and cells of your being, replacing the negativity and fear you have released.

You then can become more masterful over your life, future, and the here and now.  You get to know yourself at deeper levels, it allows for a more profound spiritual connection to your own Higher self and that of your Light Teams and guides.

I find that this work pairs well with mainstream counselling, psychological and psychiatric support.

90 minutes - $144.00

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