Chakra healing and alignment

Chakra clearing & alignment

Energy centre/chakra clearing and alignment

In this one hour appointment I use sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, crystals and hands on Eternal Healing Light to help align your Pillar of Light, cleanse and clear your chakra's with the focus on the one  that needs the most assistance.  I will give you an overview of what is coming up as a priority on an emotional, spiritual and/or mental level within that chakra, so you have an understanding of what is occurring within you that needs help to change, clear and heal.  This session does not go into the same level of detail, depth and clearing as the other session's, but it does offer an insight into energy healing for people who may not have experienced it before.  It is also beneficial for people that have done deeper work but would just like a gentle 'tune up'.

60 minutes - $99.00

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