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Align to the divine within
The Journey Home

An 8-week healing immersion, journeying through the chakras to release energetic blockages in the form of supressed, and repressed emotions, social & religious conditioning, inner child pain, unresolved ancestral pain, outmoded damaging beliefs, programming.   Learn how we are brain washed and run on automatic programming when it comes to our emotional reactions, behaviours, thoughtforms, and expectations in our lives.

 We will be unravelling through our chakras, memories & situations that have had a detrimental effect on our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.  There will be subconscious and unconscious energies that you are not even aware of that can lead you into situations in your life that are not healthy for you.  These emotional, mental, spiritual and physical blockages can be from this life, past lives, ancestral memories, and the collective unconscious.

Those who are attracted to this course are star-seeds, light beings, way showers, who have come to the Earth to create change in the consciousness of humanity and the planet.  Firstly, it is required that we begin to clear our own blockages as this allows our light to shine more brightly, and we remember the Truth of who we are, the Divine Presence within, and we become our Higher Self here on the Earth.  When this occurs you are able to hold a high degree of Light and you create change wherever you go by shining your light to all whom come in contact with you, and they receive healing, love and wisdom if they wish to receive it.

As you release the blockages within, your life begins to flow more smoothly and synchronicities occur, your intuition deepens, you may notice your clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience becomes stronger, although this course is not about that specifically.


  When you do the healing, many gifts open up for you, and it can take you on a whole new path in life, or you can see your life from a higher perspective, and bring love and healing to any part of your life that is out of balance, for instance, family, relationships, work, career, and most importantly, the relationship with your self.

This course is about supporting you towards more self love and appreciation, wholeness, aligning to your Higher Self and Divine Presence within, it's supporting you to come home to the peace, creativity, and fulfillment within, so you can Master your life here on the Earth.  This course is a stepping stone to help you in this direction.

Everyone who attends will be held in the most sacred cocoon of love and care.  Celestial family, Ascended Masters, Pleiadian Emissaries, Sirian ArchAngels, Ancestral lineages will be supporting you with the utmost healing light and love.

Week one

  • Welcome

  • Opening, anchoring and cocooning the group energy

  • Star seeds - what is a star seed, why are you here on Earth, what is your purpose?

  • What is energy, how does it affect us, how can we use energy in a positive way?

  • An overview of the main 7 energy centres/chakra 

  • Awareness as a tool for change -  of thoughts, feelings, emotions and how they can create changes to our physiology, mental & emotional well-being

  • Heart  connection and opening ~ a healing meditative journey

Week two

  • The journey back to ourselves

  • What are the Universal Laws?

  • Astral realms - what are they and how to detach from them

  • Gratitude from a spiritual perspective and transformation

  • Healing journey through the base chakra.  Healing of the embryo/foetus

Week three

  • Wheel of reincarnation - what is it and what does it mean for you

  • Akashic records and sexuality

  • Collective consciousness of humanity and sexuality

  • Healing journey through sacral the chakra.   Healing conception memory, healing sexual channels, healing genetic lineage abuse.


  • Universal law of cause and effect

  • How is this law affecting our lives and how can we improve our lives implementing this law

  • Understanding our patterns of behaviour 

  • How to clear our self destructive patterns of behaviour

  • Healing journey through the solar plexus, clearing family karma.


  • Soul family, relationships, acceptance, letting go & forgiveness

  • Surrendering to the Power of Love

  • Universal Law of Grace

  • Universal Law of Love

  • Healing journey through all dimensions of the heart 

Week SIX

  • The power of your karma to transform you

  • How you can integrate more love and light into your being  & life through transforming karma, enabling you to merge and become closer/one with the Divine Presence within

  • Words as an expression of energy, how to use your words to improve/transform your life

  • Healing journey through throat chakra


  • What are the Laws of Oneness,  divinity, karma forgiveness & Liberty

  • How to work with these Universal Laws

  • How our thoughts and thought projections affect us, others & the world around us

  • Healing journey through brow chakra


  • Signs of spiritual awakening

  • What is our multidimensional light body and what is the purpose of it

  • What are our soul aspects and soul extensions?

  • How do they affect our lives?

  • Spiritual current and the crown chakra

  • Healing journey through the crown chakra & brain activation

  • Closing and sanctifying the group and group energy

If you are interested in hearing when the next course will be held, please register your interest with

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