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Pleiadian Lightwork

I was trained as a Pleiadian Lightwork practitioner 20 years ago in Full Sensory Perception 1,2 and 3.

What is Pleiadian Lightwork?

Pleiadian Lightwork is the name given to the healing, spiritual activation, and ascension techniques that are part of the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School.  It was founded on the universal Mystery School teachings of Atlantis, Lemuria and Egypt.

The work helps people in their spiritual awakening, physical, emotional and mental healing, it helps to align us with our divine selves, raise our vibration, balance our bodies, and accelerate our spiritual evolution.

What occurs in a session?

In a session you lay on a massage table and I connect to the Pleiadian Emissaries, Sirian Archangelic leagues of light, Ascended Masters and other multi-dimensional beings, and we work together as a team to support you in your highest healing.

I connect to your Higher Self and ask what is the priority for you and your healing and am guided from there.  If there are specific issues you would like to work on, for instance a relationship, then we assist you with that.

What can occur in a session?

There is much that could come up, but some examples are:

  • Reading and healing the chakras

  • Soul fragment retrieval

  • Soul matrix healing and clearing

  • Reading and healing the astral body

  • Nervous system trauma healing

  • Genetic deprogramming

  • Reading original 8 cells

  • Depattering/repatterning

  • Cord/contract removal

  • Clearing implants, microchips, soul fragments

Session 90 minutes

Cost  $144.00

I am able to give Pleiadian Lightwork sessions in person, over Zoom, or phone/WhatsApp.

If you have any questions or would like to book a session, please email me at:

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