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This Sacred Heart Elixir has been created for people who need support when they are going through emotionally painful experiences. The elixir embodies the unconditional love healing frequencies of the celestial realms, and sound healing. It supports you if you are suffering from a broken heart, feel unworthy of love, unloveable, or are unable to give or receive love.


It is also supported by flower and gem essences to help release genetic imprints, and life experiences whereby one may have felt or currently feel any of the following:


Viola sp.


* Emotional suppression

* Deep anger and/or rage

* Difficulty resolving conflict


Layers of protective energy that have surrounded anger and rage are gently released allowing an understanding of the genesis of the frustration and anger/rage. It helps to release a lot of stuck energy that contributes to more anger and mental exhaustion.


Solanum tuberosum


* Resistance to releasing the past

* Mental and emotional rigidity

* Needing to be right

* Inflexibility

* Holding on


Helps dissolve experiences that are held in the body. Supports one to receive love and self-acceptance to penetrate into every cell of the body.


Loiseleuria procumbens


* Self doubt

* Low self esteem

* Unable to love or accept certain parts of oneself

* Withholding love from oneself & others

* Lacking compassion for self and/or others


Opens the heart to receive vital life force to enter, infusing all levels of Being. Connects us with the essence of love that allows the release of old patterns of self doubt and self destructive tendencies.

Helps create self-understanding and compassion in our lives.


Platanthera dilatata


* Shame

* Fear

* Guilt

* Confusion

* Self degrading tendencies


Supports deep transformation. Brings back discarded aspects of ourselves to transform back to wholeness within the arms and embrace of Divine love.




* Unresolved grief

* Heart closed down

* Protecting heart from attack by others


Softens, opens, expands the many dimensions of the heart portal. Helps to release the protective armour around the heart related to giving & receiving love. Increases openness in the heart, mind and body to allow the frequency of love to flow.


Please note this elixir does not replace counselling, medication's, doctor's, psychologist's and psychiatric treatments. It is to help support you deeply on your healing journey in a way that you may not experience through mainstream avenues.


As it is all vibrational healing, there should be no interaction with any medications you may be taking. Although, there is a small amount of brandy and vegetable glycerine in the bottle which maybe important to consider.


I can make up individual essences without alcohol, please let me know if this is your preference.


Sacred Heart Elixir

SKU: 333
  • This Sacred Heart Elixir comes in a 50ml glass bottle with dropper. 



    Pure water, alcohol, organic glycerine (vegan), celestial love and light, sound healing infusion (crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, voice), crystal and flower essences.



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