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This heart healing mist has been a co-creation with the Angelic and Archangelic realms who bring forth their unconditional love and deeply nurturing energies, that are held within this bottle to support you on your heart healing journey.


The mist can be used to help you if you are going through some painful experiences in your life, and need some non-judgemental support, nurturing and unconditional love.


The energy supports those who are suffereing from a broken heart, are grieving, are unable to receive love, give love, feel innately unworthy or not good enough as they are.


They contain sound healing frequencies using crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, light language, celestial infusions of love, wisdom, joy and forgiveness, essential oils, crystal and flower essences.


This mist can be used ongoingly for those that feel they are unloved and unloveable, finding it difficult to receive and/or give love.


They can also be used to brighten a low mood, to give you an extra boost, to bring a love and happiness infusion to your day, or to just enjoy the healing energies and  aromas.


The sprays can be given to others as a profund gift of love, healing and support.


Directions -  close your eyes, set your intention as to what you need the most from your healing mist and the Angelic and Archangelic realms.  Spray 3 or 4 times above your head and around your body, breathing in the mist and allowing it to fall on and around you. 


Alternatively, you can spray a few times in front of you and walk into the mist, with eyes closed, breathing in the healing frequencies and allowing them to settle on and around you.


Use twice a day to support your healing process, or three to four times a day if you are going through deeper emotional clearing and transformation.


The healing elixir is contained within a 100ml glass bottle with spray top.


It is placed in a velvet style bag with the words - You Are Loved - on the front when posted to you.


May ALL of Creation know and feel they are loved, valued and cherished just as, and for who they are.  This is the intention that is held lovingly within these healing waters.  Blessed Be all Beings.

I Am Loved Auric Mist

SKU: 333
  • The mists come in 100ml glass spray bottles.


    Pure spring water, ethanol, Plumeria, Cananga odorata, Geranium, Jasminum, Lavender, angelic and archangelic celestial love infusions, sound healing, light language, mangano calcite, pink quartz, chyrsocolla.

    Please keep the bottle out of reach of children as it does contain alcohol.

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