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Healing Journey's

a gift from my heart to yours....

Thank you for subscribing to my Healing Journey's.

My wish for you is that the love and light energies that radiate out from these healing journey's assist you to heal at a deep level, so that you and your life may transform in the most beautiful and graceful of ways. 

Please find the meditations below.  If you have any feedback or suggestions I would love to hear it :).

All my love,
Deb xoxo

Align to the Light

This meditation guides you to connect your Pillar of Light through to the heart of the Earth, your energy centres/chakras through to the Great Central Sun.  It connects you to the light of the Earth and the light of the Great Central Sun and brings the light through you to clear, purify and cleanse your energy centres, pillar and energy field.  Connecting to the Light daily can change your life over time as it absorbs negative thought-forms, feelings, memories, emotions and experiences.  This will create you to feel, receive and experience more self love, unconditional love from others, inner peace and harmony, stronger relationships, new relationships, synchronicities, increased self-respect, self-esteem and so much more.  If you would like to read more please go here.

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