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Align to the Light

Our Source essence lives within us, in our heart.  It contains 3 divine streams of energy, which are our love, light and power energies. 

The more we focus on our heart flame and connecting our pillar of light through to the heart of Earth and to the Suns within the universe and receiving that light from the Earth and Suns through and around us, the more easily we can change ourselves, our lives and our consciousness.

When we receive light frequencies consciously on a regular basis it can reduce our fears, anxieties, low self-esteem, circumstance, negative thoughts and beliefs.  If you have had a lot of negativity in your life for a long period of time it will take time, commitment and perseverance to clear your patterning and change yourself and your situation, but it is so worth it.

The Light is our nourishment, it brings us energy that supports us physically, emotionally, mentally as well as spiritually, it brings us love, joy, peace and so much more.  When we open to receive Light we are not using up all of our own energy resources, we are allowing the Light to come through our Pillar, chakra's, energy fields and physical body to provide us with the healing and information we need.  It also flows out of us to those around us igniting the hearts of others if they wish to receive it.

The more time you spend focusing on your heart and activating the heart flames and receiving the Light, you strengthen and build your chakra system, pillar of light (antakarana), and pure light consciousness.  When the light in our chakra’s, pillar and energy field is strong, we don’t become negative, fearful or anxious as easily.  We begin to embody more of our Higher Self, the ‘real’ us, as our old way of being, thinking and behaving melts away.

The higher purpose is to open and activate your own Divine connection here on Earth.  It is a process called Ascension.

As you begin to ‘lighten’ up your intuition becomes stronger, this is your Divine Presence guiding you and it is something that I tell my family, friends, clients and groups that your intuition or knowing is your BEST FRIEND, as your Divine Presence is YOU, the eternal divine part of you that knows what is in your highest good at all times. 

You may find you experience a lot of synchronicity in your life, a sure sign you are on the right path.  There could be changes in friends, work situations, relationships which will all be in your highest good, because as you release the old patterning, painful memories or blockages within you it allows more light in to fill in those places.  How you feel and view yourself will be different and people will respond to those changes.  Always know that you are looked after and all changes that occur will be your key to freedom in all ways.

I first started doing serious clearing and healing work when I was part of Amorah Quan yin’s Mystery School around 20 years ago.  I had so many dreams at the time where I was shedding my skin, just like a snake does.  I thought at the time, how much skin am I going to shed!!  Well I am still shedding, but it is nowhere near as intense as the early days.  I was releasing so much emotional baggage, fear and negativity but it was wonderful, because I discovered that all the negative programming that I held within me from childhood that caused me to think of myself in such a negative way wasn’t the truth of who I AM. 

I have created a guided meditation so you can connect to the power vortexes within the Earth and the Suns to receive the healing Light.  May you receive much support and strength from the Light, it can change your life in ways you could not dream of.

There will be many guided healing meditations I will be doing in the future to support you on your healing journey, but this meditation is really the platform whereby the other meditations build upon.  Always come back to just filling yourself up with Light and receive the blessings and transformation the Light provides for you.

Please click on the link below for the Open to the Light meditation.

In love and light,

Deb xoxo



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