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How to tell you are ungrounded

When we are grounded here on the Earth we feel present, stable, strong and centred. We are not easily pulled out of our centre, we can cope quite well with challenges and changes in our lives.

What does it feel like to be grounded

  • Clear minded

  • Can make decisions easily

  • Able to focus easily

  • Awareness of the body and any subtle physical changes

  • Comfortable and at ease in the physical body

  • Find it comfortable to be in present time

  • Unruffled, calm and centred

  • Present, stable, strong

  • Clarity

  • Purpose

  • Confidence

  • Drive

What are some tell tale signs of being ungrounded

  • Feeling 'spaced' out

  • Feeling like you don't have control of your life

  • Feel a lot of fear without knowing why

  • Feeling floaty

  • Day dreaming

  • Forgetting things often

  • Losing concentration easily

  • Easily distracted

  • Feeling disconnected in general

  • Find it difficult to complete tasks

  • Lose track of time easily

  • Late for appointments constantly

  • People say things like you are a 'space cadet', 'the lights are on but no-ones home'

  • People can't understand what you are communicating or you can't understand them

  • You don't trust yourself

  • You give your power to others frequently

  • You second guess yourself

  • Focussing on the past or future or both

  • You are not connected/aware of your body, feelings and intuition

What are some reasons for being ungrounded

  • Difficult childhood experiences

  • Shock

  • Trauma

  • Physical accidents

  • The soul not anchoring into the body fully when incarnating

  • Blocked chakras and energy field

  • Sleep problems/not enough sleep

  • You feel and take on other people's feelings and emotions as your own

  • You are a highly sensitive person

  • Poor nutrition

  • Chronic ill health

How to support yourself to be more grounded

  • Spend time sitting or lying on the Earth, this is very healing to the body and nervous system as well as grounding.

  • Barefoot on the earth, put your hands on the earth

  • Lean next to a tree

  • Spend time in nature

  • Exercise

  • Yoga

  • Dancing

  • Tai chi, Qi gong

  • Music

  • Sound healing or Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, drumming, singing

  • Gardening

  • Weighted blanket

  • Spiritual and energy healing

Being grounded or more grounded in your body, allows you to feel safe and more secure here on the Earth, less like a leaf being tossed around in the wind. You gain more confidence and self belief, are more present in your life, and can trust your inner guidance more completely.


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