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Healing the child within the adult

Who is the inner child?

The divine inner child is the part of us within our consciousness that holds original innocence, purity and perfection.

The divine child does not know itself as anything different, until she/he is programmed to believe they are flawed in some way having had experiences throughout their childhood that have made them feel ashamed of who they are and even feel they are worthless.

When we say that the divine child is perfect, it is not meant in a way that society may define perfect, as in perfect behaviour, intelligence or looks. It means that at the core of every person born here, there is a divinity, there is a light within, that cannot be anything less than perfection. Of course, it does not mean that children do not have their own learning and soul growth.

When children are brought up in environments that are difficult, abusive, neglectful or emotionally barren, it can make them feel like they are nothing. This may lead to a life time of trauma and hardships as they are unable to access the pure, innocent and perfect child essence within as they are unaware that it is there and cannot identify with it.

When I first started facilitating spiritual and energy healing, over 15 years ago, I noticed that I was being guided to connect with the inner child of those people who came to see me. These inner children were of all ages, from embryo/fetus through to late teens. The training I had received was quite varied so I began to question myself as to why this appeared to be a main focus. The answer came clearly through my own channel, from my Higher Self, to the effect that this is part of my purpose here on Earth, to open my channel and allow the unconditional love and healing energies to flow through from the Divine Mother, Divine Father realms to bring healing and wholeness to the wounded, hurt, frightened, unloved children within the adult.

I really had no idea about the inner child before I began this work. In truth, I had never heard of it and I allowed myself to be guided by the Celestial realms for what each person needed, to assist in healing their wounded inner child.

This work put a spotlight on my own inner child and the realisation that I had many extremely traumatised child aspects within me. Over time as I have been healing my child selves, it has given me a lot of clarity as to why I had certain relationships and experiences that were very unloving and disrespectful in my life. It is still an ongoing process, but it is generally so much easier to access the child parts of me that still hold wounds and begin to heal them. When I am triggered and I have child like-reactions, that is a big key!

There is a lot that comes through our genetic lineage that is unhealed as well that can play out in our lives, although I will write about that in another blog post.

When we as adults begin to heal our childhood it can create so many changes deeply within our inner and our outer lives. This is not an easy path, but it is a path of transformation at the deepest level, and when we begin to heal our inner child we help our own children and future children profoundly, creating a world where there is more unity, harmony, peace, love and creative expression. This occurs as we bring back to our heart those parts of us as children that have been relegated to the subconscious and unconscious within us, these child aspects are called 'the unseen wounds'. The inner child parts of us may hold many different feelings, memories, experiences, thoughts, emotions and programming. The following are some of what I have found to be common in my work with people;

30 common feelings/experiences that maybe coming from your hurt inner child

You feel a deep shame about yourself & you may or may not know why

You dislike yourself or even hate yourself

You feel a sense of self disgust

You feel like you are really bad person, you are flawed

You feel like there is something really wrong with you

You feel like you have done something wrong

You have a deep anger and rage within you

You find it difficult to have good boundaries with others

You have a very low sense of self worth and self esteem

You often judge yourself and put yourself down

You may feel judged by others

You find it difficult, awkward, or unsafe to be yourself

You want to please people and do what they want so they like, love and approve of you You have a fear of saying no to others, and letting others down

You may feel you become child-like when around certain people or situations

You find it difficult to express your true feelings

You have a soft, weak voice when trying to express yourself

You always put other people first

You do things for others that you don't want to do and feel resentful

You are in judgement of others

You compare yourself to others

You are self critical

You can be consumed by jealousy

You maybe driven to excel in areas of your life, perfectionist

You may be or feel you are isolated from others & community

You are often lonely

You may be addicted to drugs, sex, alcohol, relationships, work

You may be extremely shy

You may have tantrums when you don't get what you want/need

You have a deep fear of being abandoned

When we have aspects of ourselves from our childhood that are pushed down into our subconscious or unconscious they can direct our lives in really powerful ways, creating for instance; self harm, self destructive tendencies, abusive relationships, co-dependent & needy relationships, anxiety and depression.

The first step in beginning to heal our inner child is to realise that we have inner child aspects within us that are suffering, and we can then begin to make contact with them.

I have created an inner child healing journey that you can do as a step toward connecting to your inner child and to begin healing.

Please go to the home page if you would like to receive your inner child healing journey.


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