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Relationships, Karma, Reflection & Healing

I recently presented a workshop called Relationships, Karma and Healing. I truly believe (from my own experiences) that for our own self-development, spiritual expansion, growth and evolution it is necessary to understand why we have the relationships we do and what these relationships reflect and show us about ourselves. It is a gateway to knowing to ourselves completely.

Relationships can be a great catalyst for inner transformation as we are 'shown' by what is reflected to us by another our unseen and unhealed wounds within. We can also witness and see our beauty, talents, uniqueness and divinity when we are in healthier relationships.

The Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Reflection and the Law of Attraction all intersect with each other in relationships. Working with these laws consciously can help us to create the relationships and lives that we would truly like, but for this to occur we need to do the inner work.

We live on a planet that is ruled by many universal laws and one of them is the Law of Cause and Effect, also known as karma. There are negative connotations around the word karma as it can be thought of as a justice system where punishment is handed out for 'misdemeanours'. It is actually a gateway to meet other parts of ourselves that are unhealed, so in truth, it is a path to becoming whole. If we did not have karma and the Law of Reflection we would not have the same opportunity to heal and meet these other parts of ourselves and bring them into oneness. As we heal different aspects of us, we have the capacity to completely change our lives and ourselves in miraculous ways.

What is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect/karma?

Basically it is an accumulation of all our energy that we have created through our words, thoughts, deeds, and actions in every moment of the day, throughout our lifetime and previous lifetimes and dimensions. It is simply an energy, so whatever energy we give out; happy, loving energy is what we receive back. If we give out unhappy, resentful energy this is what we receive back.

What is the Universal Law of Reflection?

Also known as the Law of Mirroring, which I think is a really apt term! It means that anytime you are triggered or have some type of reaction to someone it is due to a part of you that holds similar energy. I liken it to an inner magnet, we magnetize people to us that hold a similar energetic magnet. For example:

My mother is always criticizing me - the reflection is:

I criticize myself

My boss makes me feel inadequate - the reflection is:

I believe I am inadequate

My girlfriend demeans me - the reflection is:

I demean myself

My friends take advantage of my kindness - the reflection is:

I allow my friends to take advantage of me

If you are someone or know someone that goes from relationship to relationship and the magnet is still there, meaning the same issue/s present themselves in the new relationship, the core wound has not been met. Even if a lot of healing work has been done, if the core issue is unresolved you will keep forming relationships that reflect the unresolved wound.

Many wonderful reflections are mirrored to us as well that show us our inner beauty and gifts.

How do we know the difference between the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Reflection?

Generally balancing our karma can be really difficult and painful. It can bring us to our knees with heartbreak and emotional and mental suffering if it's really deep. The Law of Reflection will also be there, but often with karma when someone has balanced this unresolved energy with another they go on to have other relationships that are totally different - they tend to be healthy, happy and loving relationships.

Many Spirits choose to come to the Earth as a choice to be of higher service to the planet, humanity, animal kingdom and all kingdoms here. They choose to come to bring more light and love, to assist in changing consciousness and for the evolution of humanity, to help bring peace, transformation, and enlightenment to all beings here. They do this as service work because they hold unconditional love for all, not because they are stuck on the wheel of reincarnation. Even higher-level consciousness has to birth as a soul here, which means they choose to take on any karma and old energy through their birth family and soul family.

I wanted to mention that if you are in a relationship and you have done a lot of healing (the magnet has dissolved) and your relationship is not changing and you both want different things from the other that does not feel good to either of you or even one of you, it could be because you are just incompatible. There is no judgment with incompatibility, in fact, it can be a very freeing realization, you are both at different stages of growth and what you need, desire, want in a relationship is not what your partner wants and vice versa. There is a lot of pain in relationships when we try and change the other person or want the other person to change to make us happy, fulfill our needs and desires, or whatever it may be. This can create much anger, bitterness, and resentment and cause a lot of projection. If you look at it from the perspective that there is nothing wrong with you, or the other person, you are just very different people with differing interests, consciousness, and desires that do not bring out the best in each other, you can choose to leave the relationship in a non-judgemental and even loving way.

I will give some guidance on how to begin healing aspects of your soul in my next post. If you have any questions please let me know.

All my love to you xoxoxo



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