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Unravelling the Mysteries of Starseeds: Are you one of them? Part one


Quite a few of the people that come to see me have asked me questions about being a Starseed, so I thought I would write about what I know, have experienced, or received guidance around.

From my earliest memories I wondered why I was here on the Earth. I never felt like I fit in and have felt quite awkward being in a physical body. Many earthly activities that lots of people are interested in never appealed to me when I was younger. I was always known as 'airy fairy', and 'space cadet' - which is quite appropriate! I couldn't focus at school as I found it boring and dull and was known as a daydreamer. Maybe daydreamer is today's version of children diagnosed with ADD - attention deficit disorder, because so much of what I was exposed to I found boring, school particularly.

The exception was when I was 11 years old living in Brisbane, Queensland, and began learning about Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. For the first time in my life my soul came alive, I was excited to learn about these ancient cultures and civilisation's, not understanding why at the time of course, but it was my soul and soul memories that made a connection to those lifetimes. I didn't understand the significance of that then, but in later years understood that it was part of my awakening to Spirit and my previous incarnations into those civilisations and the greater mysteries of the world, and why I was here on Earth at this point in time.

I always felt I was here for a purpose, and most starseeds will feel the same way, but I didn't know what that was for so long, always searching for what my soul was desperately yearning for - the reconnection to home and Star family. If you can relate to these words and feelings, you will understand this longing and the void within, and it will most likely suggest you are a starseed.

My first experience or understanding of what a starseed is, was many years ago when the internet was not as popular as it is today, and I came across a website and a woman who channelled messages from some Ascended Masters, angels and archangels. Unfortunately, I can't remember the woman or the website, but looking back she helped me immensely as it was her channelling that helped me connect to some of my starseed roots.

She channelled a message from the Pleiadian's and they started the message with 'We are your star family and we love you', and I remember crying uncontrollably and my heart was physically hurting. I was thinking to myself 'thank you for not forgetting about me' and the other side of myself - the ego self, didn't understand what was going on, and thought I was crazy, understandably so, as it made no sense as I had never heard of Pleiadian's before!

The connection and the grief was real, and I was ecstatic and so grateful that I hadn't been left here on the Earth to flounder by myself. I didn't intellectually understand what was going on, but the messages and connection felt so right, so much more real than anything else in my life. That was really the beginning of understanding my starseed journey and my starseed roots.

This connection led me to studying within the Dolphin Star Mystery School (Pleiadian Mystery School). My consciousness and awareness changed very quickly, the Pleiadian work pushed up lifetimes of pain and dysfunction, it was profound but also quite challenging!

What and who are starseeds?

Generally starseeds are highly evolved old souls from otherworldly origin that have come from other places in the Universe/universes. They have had lives and experiences on other galaxies, stars and planets, and have chosen to incarnate on Earth in human form.

Starseeds have come to assist the Earth and humanity to evolve into a higher state of awareness. They help guide and support others as they navigate their own spiritual paths and awakening, supporting people to remember their Divinity and True Self.

They bring unique perspectives, spiritual abilities, wisdom, insights and energies that can assist in raising the overall level of consciousness on the planet which is known as 'Ascension' - a process of personal and collective spiritual evolution or enlightenment. My belief at this point in time is we are all starseeds but we awaken to that knowledge at different times.

There is a star seed within all of us that begins to awaken, activate and blossom in divine timing for us. This can be very frustrating, to have the seed there and the urgency to want to understand and know why we are here but not have the guidance or mentoring to answer the burning questions. This had been my experience from when I was a teenager, and there was no internet to guide the way. What I do know now is that we have to complete certain initiation's, relationships, work, study etc. as when we have a different consciousness we wouldn't be in those relationships, work situations etc. and it is part of our learning, understanding and completion of patterns from other times.

Common characteristic's and experiences of starseeds

  • Feeling like an outsider: May not fully have a sense of belonging to the Earth or society, generally from a young age. Feeling like a square peg in a round hole as many people say.

  • Longing for a sense of home: A deep yearning for a place, or state of being that feels like 'home', even though not being able to identify where or what that place is.

  • Disassociating: Is common due to this longing for original home and family,

  • Heightened sensitivity and awareness: Many have heightened sensitivity to energy, emotions, spiritual phenomena and a strong sense of empathy. They may be strongly telepathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and/or claircognitive.

  • Unconventional beliefs and interests: Spirituality, metaphysics, extra-terrestrial life, and other unconventional topics from a young age.

  • Dreams and visions: Some starseeds report vivid dreams or visions of other worlds, past life visions, visitation's from beings from alternate realities, and/or experiences that are significant to them.

  • Collective awakening: The beliefs held around embodying love, compassion, and higher consciousness to contribute to the well-being of humanity.

  • Desire to help and heal humanity, the Earth, and animals: Often there is a deep calling to be of service, a strong desire to contribute positively, a deep sense of compassion to be of service to humanity, animals and the Earth, in alignment with the ascension process

Starseeds know that life continues and exists beyond the Earth plane, it is eternal, we are eternal, and everything is interwoven through all time, space and dimensions. The fact that all humans, the Earth, animals, plants etc. are made up of the remnants of stars from billions of years ago shows how profound and interconnected we are to all of Creation and the Universe.


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